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The Weekend IZ Born with IZKALI Tequila

The Weekend IZ Born with IZKALI Tequila at El Pueblito's Patio

National Good Neighbor Day

Neighbourhood BBQ

The pace of modern life is very demanding with competing obligations to work and family. Often this means that we don’t make time to get to know our neighbors very well and we are missing out on some fun and rewarding friendships. IZKALI Tequila was created, in part, to celebrate the Mexican tradition of sharing…

6 tips for hosting a great Tequila Tasting

IZKALI Tequila Tasting

As an integral part of the Mexican culture, tequila has long been appreciated as a sipping drink, one in which consumers take care to identify and enjoy its color, aroma and taste. Here are a few tips to help you heighten your experience and appreciation of high-quality tequilas, such as IZKALI®. Whether you are enjoying…

Houston couple launches a new tequila in their hometown: Will quality be reborn with Izkali?

IZKALI Tequila founders with F. Paul Pacult

Caroline Gallay writes about the birth of IZKALI Tequila at CultureMap Houston. There’s been much hand wringing about the decline of quality tequila, especially at the hands of amateur American entrepreneurs. But when Izkali tequila launched in its hometown of Houston this month, it had built-in legitimacy and a significant supporter in F. Paul Pacult, the spirits…

Tequila Experts at the IZKALI Tequila Launch

IZKALI Tequila Launch with Arnaldo Richards, Paul Pacult and AlexRichards

John Kiely writes in the HoustonPress Blogs about IZALI Tequila’s launch event. Izkali is a new line of tequilas by Nydia and Ignacio Flores, a Stafford-based couple with many years in the food and spirit industries. Sure, new tequilas come out often, but Izkali caught the eye, or should I say palate, of F. Paul Pacult,…

IZKALI Reposado wins Chairmans Trophy in 2011 Ultimate Cocktail Challenge

Ultimate Cocktail Challenge 2011

IZKALI® Reposado, a tastefully smooth 100% blue agave tequila, won top honors for the Classic Paloma, earning the Chairman’s Trophy in the 2011 Ultimate Cocktail Challenge. Spirits were judged on the 100-point rating system in multiple rounds. Spirits that scored highly in the first round went through to the second round where they were evaluated…

IZKALI Tequila Proudly Supports The 2011 Memorial Park Fun Run

IZKALI team at the 2011 Houston Memorial Park Fun Run

Approximately 4 million people visit Memorial Park each year, with the Seymour Lieberman Exer-Trail being the heaviest used park amenity in the City of Houston.  Memorial Park Conservancy, in partnership with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department, is working towards forest conservation and trail improvements within the park to ensure Memorial Park is a healthy…

2011 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Finalist

Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2011 - Tequila Tasting

ASTOR CENTER, NEW YORK CITY The IZKALI® 100% blue agave Añejo tequila, placed as a finalist in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge (USC) 2011, scoring higher than other tequilas that are four times as expensive. This incredible honor for a first time entrant speaks to the high standards and passion for quality behind the affordable luxury…